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Mail type-ahead - similar names
~Carol Fezniskinivu 01/08/2004 01:24 PM
Notes Client 6.0.2 CF2 Windows NT

Is there an easy way to distinguish between internal and external staff, or to display their internet mail address, if using type-ahead for addressing mail?

We have an internal and an external NAB linked via DirCat. Obviously, there can be similar names: for example, Steve Lawrence is internal and Stephen Lawrence external.

If a user types in Lawrence and it comes up with Stephen, he can then inadvertantly send mail to an external person when it is intended for the internal one.

So - is there a way for Notes to display, say, the mail address of the selected person [without my amending the views used]?

Standard location settings are "Local then Server" and "Stop on First Match".

PS: Yes, I know they could click "Address" and select from there, but they don't want to as our users are, shall we say, challenging...

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